Car Tracking Device System

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The best out there!!! I drive cars for a living, and I am pretty much guaranteed not to lose my way with this!!!

GPS Car Tracking System In India

The day when car tracking system launched for the very first time in India, It became the revelation, and the company who does it and has been in the market is CONCOX, that is why in order to offer the 100% genuine CONCOX car tracking system we signed a tie-up with them.

Since our inception, our aim was to provide excellence at a price which is affordable for Indian car owners. The Car Tracking software we have are designed differently for every device, and they are programmed to run on any PC, laptop or latest smartphones. So, no matter where you are, they will never leave you in the dark.

We believe that for every individual car is a dream vehicle, the every desire need some protection, cars need to be tracked for so many reasons, and gladly we have so many options available at different price ranges for almost every purpose. The ultra-modern equipment and sophisticated CONCOX Car Tracking System are in our stock. Now, no need to spend huge amounts to import international standard car tracking devices for your expensive car, we have it here for you.

Car Tracking

No matter whether you are looking to track a fleet or a single vehicle of 100 limousines driven by professionals, GPS System India’s GPS car trackers let everyone improve driver safety and also keep a regular tracking on their real-time locations.

Track & make improvements in Driver Safety

  • Concox GPS System India’s GPS Car Trackers markedly improve driver safety for both experienced and new drivers by keep a regular tracking over time using insights, like:
  • Constant alerts for hazardous activities such as harsh braking, rapid acceleration or speeding
  • An Overall safety grade for each driver and daily performance score
  • Safety ranking for each and every car present in your fleet

Visualize routes and Monitor driver activity

With GPS System India’s Google Maps interface, one can easily get a bird's-eye view of driver behavior and locations. At a glance, one can:
  • First view and then playback all the everyday driving activity including alerts for unsafe behavior and clear visual indicators for stops
  • Get alerts when the tracked person visits important locations such as work, school or home
  • See where a tracked person stops and how long they spend there