Chairman Desk

We endeavor to achieve customer satisfaction as our essential business requirement

MR. K.D Bhargava

MR. K.D Bhargava is Electronics Engineer with 47 year’s technical experience in Electronics System Integration etc, with strong sense for quality, reliability and after sales Technical Services

Ms. Pooja Bhargava

Ms. Pooja Bhargava has MBA Background with strong instincts for Marketing and software Equipment design, Production, Marketing and related products. Founded GPS Systems India Division of Mark. Based on rapidly growing needs for use of GPS in commercial vehicles, Buses, Fleets, Taxis for better security and Tracking of Private Vehicles, Motor cycles, Personal Tracking and Student ID Card GPS Systems etc. she has launched all these type of GPS Trackers with Concox pioneer and leaders in GPS Trackers Technology with widest range with all the features for different uses.


Mark is the only Indian Company which has successfully installed high technology CCTV and Access Control Systems in leading Govt. Multinational / Public sector Companies / Banks/ Embassies both in India as well as abroad. 3 year’s back,GPS Vehicle System Division of Mark Electronics Corporation, was set up under dynamic leadership with Management Background of Ms. Pooja Bhargava, to cater to the needs of GPS Trackers. Since then, Mark has been serving with latest art “CONCOX” GPS Trackers for Tracking and Locating different types of Vehicles (Trucks, Trailors ,Motor cycles), Personal Tracking and student ID Card GPS System etc. Concox Information Technology Co. Ltd, is one of the pioneers and leaders in the GPS Trackers technology with widest range of GPS Trackers with all the features for different users. Based on rapidly growing demand for use of GPS Tracking, Mark and Concox have launched full range of GPS System (Hardware) and Web based software, for tracking like Personal trackers, Pet Trackers, Mobile phone trackers, Magnetic Trackers, OBD Devices and with latest 3G Android Mirror Monitor with in-built GPS System with front and back cameras. Mark’s GPS System India division along with Concox, are continuously working together to identify newer areas for needs of GPS Trackers in Indian Market and are able to release first time in India, with strong Manufacturing Background of Concox,